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Natural calamities like floods are always destructive. They are neither predictable nor preventable. But what will you do when flood water gets into your house?

This situation is really havoc for every property owner. The good news is that we are ready to help you with our water removal services. During your emergency, you can call our water removal specialists.

Our team will rush to your house to save your property from water damage.

water removal experts
water removal experts

How do our professionals start the water removal process?

Our first task is to remove standing floodwater from your house within the shortest time. Some homeowners try to remove water by using buckets and water pumps. However, we apply professional techniques to draw the water out of your house.

We understand that the major concern for property managers and homeowners is water damage. Whatever is the cause of moisture damage and flood, we begin the water mitigation procedure, which needs precise action. Our team focuses on your safety and the overall restoration of your property. 

Starting the thorough cleanup process

We visit your house without delay when you call our team for water removal and water damage restoration. We inspect the potential damages after removing water using specially designed pumps. Our team will stabilize the site and maintain the overall structural integrity of your ceilings and walls.

Our professionals will use high-powered drying equipment that effectively removes moisture. Moreover, we clean the affected parts of your house and remove the wet carpet. Your furniture, drywall, and other household items should be removed during our restoration process.

In case of floodwater contamination, our professionals apply specially formulated antimicrobial solutions. It helps with sanitization and the prevention of mold growth. Furthermore, our team will make a thorough assessment to identify any salvageable items. 

Our goal is to restore the original condition of your house. You can start living in your house comfortably. Our water removal team is ready to work for both residential and commercial houses. 

Why do you need professional help for water removal?

Multiple complicated systems feed your house to ensure a smooth flow of water. However, it is not easy to detect the source of water damage during an emergency. At any odd time, your water pipe may burst and cause a flood to your house.

The moisture damage will spread fast in case you wait till the morning to remove water. That is why you can call our professionals anytime you need. We do not let you struggle with the mess caused by water damage. We need a single phone call, and then we will reach your house.

Our professionals provide you with 24-hour emergency water extraction service. Our team will implement the best method to manage floods, frozen pipes, burst pipes, storm damage, and appliance leaks. Our advanced water restoration tools enable us to accomplish the task within the shortest time. Our company has invested in wet vacuums, pumps, and other pieces of equipment to save time and effort.

We understand that trapped water can cause serious damage to your house. So, after removing the water, we run a dehumidifier. You can also turn on your ceiling fan to circulate the air and dry your room fast.

At the end of the water removal and dehumidification process, we ensure that no mud is stuck in your appliances and cabinets.

Call Us – Get help with water removal

Our water removal professionals charge a reasonable rate for their services. We will identify the cause of the water damage and start working to restore the situation. 

Our team is highly careful while dealing with unhealthy and contaminated water.

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What Our Client Say About Us

Nichole Stair

We tried to get some people to come out and look at our flooring they either told us it will be 3 months or more or they aren’t doing that type work anymore. So I called Restoration Pro it was the best call I ever made they knew my insurance adjuster worked with him before and that’s pretty much all I had to do except sign the contracts turns out I knew most of these guys and so did my husband so it was a big relief to me and Chad for them to do this project and Jennifer has been so great there wasn’t a time I didn’t call her and she would get back to me the same day.

I want to Thank all of the guys at Restoration Pro that worked on our bathrooms. You guys do a great job.

Nichole Stair

Jennifer Degroodt

Jennifer at restoration pro took extra care in making sure customer service, packing, assisting in finding companies for new cabinets and materials were available. She went above and beyond when there were questions, extent of condition and making sure photos were up to date. Her helpfulness in making sure issues with job activities being performed were on track and any additional clean up or modifications was greatly appreciated. I would recommend this company for any restoration work needing performed. The company employees were all knowledgeable in their trade and made sure all was repaired as it should be from the office staff to owner of the company.

Thank you all for repairing our home. Turned out beautifully.

Jennifer Degroodt

Alyson Smith

After major water leak in and under our home, Restoration Pro came to our rescue. The entire staff was extremely professional and did everything to keep us as stress- free as possible in an extremely stressful situation. They not only did all the demo, remodeling, restoring, packing and unpacking, they dealt with our insurance agent, found us a great cabin rental that allowed our dogs, moved my two large fish tanks and even topped off the mulch in my flowerbeds when they were through!

We were so thrilled with the beautiful work they did, as soon as they were finished, we asked them to come back and remodel the two undamaged rooms in our home! Would highly recommend!!

Alyson Smith

Crystal Sharek

Restorations Pro is highly recommended from me. From the very beginning of our claim they were there every step of the way. They helped up understand what each part of the claim was going to contain and helped us through the stress of losing our home for awhile. During the process though, they reassured us by communicating as often as possible and kept us in the loop at all times on even the smallest details. Their craftsmanship with our 121 year old house was a challenge for them but they put a modern spin on it and make it look brand new!

We could not be happier! Thank you Restorations Pro!

Crystal Sharek

Kala Gregory

From beginning to end I have been continuously impressed. David and Danny have always been avaliable to me, day or night, to answer any questions/concerns. They have went above and beyond to make sure that we were satisfied and included us in every step of the process.

Everyone that had a hand in the restoration of my home took pride in their work and it shows. My home is better than before and I couldn’t be happier that they were two months ahead of schedule, assuring that my family is home in time for the holidays. If you find yourself in our position, do yourself a favor and call them!

Kala Gregory

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